Miles Davis: A Movie of a Boy from the Black Church


Above: Don Cheadle as Miles Davis

Miles Davis, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2006, is also seeing more demand via an upcoming movie about his famed but troubled life, played by actor Don Cheadle. I am a Davis fan. My Pandora has two stations dedicated to my listening of his work. His love for music grew out of the historic black church, where he sat and become mesmerized by the use of instruments and the congregating sound of the assembly. However, it was his father who pushed him toward the trumpet as a tool to display his growth at the age of 13. That growth was met by a life of Jim Crow laws, alcohol, and drugs.

I am most curious to see how the film will portray his greatness, as well as his darkness. It will have to start, in my opinion, at the East St. Louis black church, a place that gave birth to a musical genius. But it will have to end with his self-destruction. I suspect the director will model this film off Ray, which was successful in capturing both elements of Ray Charles Jr.



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