Beyonce and Black/Feminist Ideology


I watched part of the Bell Hooks lectureship at The New School on “Are You Still a Slave? Liberating the Black Female Body”. A panel of black feminist academics and activist discussed black folks obsession with wealth, celebrity, and capitalism, and noted our fixation on material needs, particularly our obsession with material power and feeding into imperialist ideology. They noted the controversial Time Magazine cover here, in which Beyonce feeds into the notion of using one’s body for stardom and acceptance. Historically, women dressed like young girls for the desirability of men. They further noted how such depiction was common for black women who sold their bodies to white men in Jim Crowed hotels. Thus the question became one of slavery. Do black women who present themselves this way further the normative nature of slavery? Is Beyonce complicit in this new form of slavery? This is worth a watch.



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