Cultural Racism


I saw this and I am still not sure why I am surprised that folks would agree with this. It is silly, racist, and anti-intellectual. What is missing here is a past explanation for the norming of beauty, wealth, and knowledge by the West. In part, these stories told society what to think and how to measure beauty and sophistication, much like the antebellum minstrel shows that defined black people as buffoons via Jim Crow caricatures. Today multiculturalism and anti-racism seeks to address the misguided notion of normality. There was a time when females of color sought to be as white as they could be. Many still do. Stories and ads defined the norm of beauty and intelligence; it also played into the power structure of white male imperialists who use cultural narratives to define beauty and acceptance as a form of white supremacy. These stories tell young females of color that they are not normal. I could go on about the actual historical narratives implied, but will pass for now.

I stumbled across this from a source “Smash Cultural Marxism.”

When they start replacing the cultural symbols of your past, start denigrating your ancestors and replace historically white characters with non-white rip offs as well as replacing you demographically, then you can be sure that your people are being targeted for cultural and demographic Genocide. People who wrongly claim that Genocide only means the mass killing of a group need to look up the United Nations own definition of the term to discover that what is occurring in Western nations is Genocide going by that very definition.

Cultural Appropriation basically means the hijacking of your culture, traditions and symbols by another group who present your culture as their own. Take this portrayal of Snow White for example, an historically White character now being presented as black. They did it with Annie and have tried to make James Bond into a black man. People may say that it is unimportant what race the characters are because they are fictional, but they couldn’t be more wrong. Not only is this Cultural Appropriation happening at the same time as mass intentional demographic engineering through mass non-white immigration, it is also happening at a time when our cultural institutions are occupied by the enemies of the European people and of Western civilisation who constantly attack and slander our ancestors as well as attacking Whites today.


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