Time for a Better World

As one can see below, it was cold. In truth, I think it got down to -15. It was bitter cold this past weekend, as Janette and I joined a friend to work at a kitchen. As we continue to engage in community work, the realities take shape. Case in point; we are working with folks on the street that would rather stay in the cold and either die — as some recently have, or experience the brink of it. I asked our friend whom we volunteer with why they do not want our help at times, and he said they do not trust us. I have been thinking about our levels of comfort since. How we continue to fail people because nobody checks in on others. Homeless folks do not want a shelter. They would rather freeze to death because society decides worth. We reject each other every day. Class division is real. Seeing a man dead under a bridge is real; he would have lived if he accepted our help; but we continue to let this happen. At times I think Janette and I are getting closer to giving up what little wealth we have to live a life greater than comfort. Can we? I am not sure. But this world in its current status is not cutting it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-14 at 12.07.19 AM


2 thoughts on “Time for a Better World

  1. This was very powerful. They don’t trust us. That turns everything on its head, does it not? How often do I drive by someone on the street asking for pennies and lock my door, because I don’t trust them? Powerful gut check on the damage caused in our society regarding the ways we assign worth and value.

  2. It is always a moving experience when I am forced to check my reality and compare it to others. There is so much work that needs to get done. I often stress because I feel a need to do so much — but often I cannot. I just want each individual to be better when it comes to helping others.

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