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My name is Edward Carson and I am a history instructor at a New England boarding school.  I created this blog back in 2006 as a way to discuss my academic writing, teaching, relationships, as well as a way to engage in a more reflective spirit regarding social matters. Until I started blogging, I did very little daily reflection about my academic work: teaching, coaching, research, writing, and relationships with students and colleagues. I am in my fifth year as a residential faculty member at Brooks School. My academic interest looks at race and religion in American culture. The Professor is an academic blog that reflects my teaching and academic interests on race, religion, culture, and politics; it denotes my professional relationships with both colleagues and students, as well as my concern and passion for the history and teaching profession. Read more about my passion for teaching in an interview conducted here by the American Historical Association. This blog is not associated with my employer.

I am an editor for The Christian Century Magazines Then and Now . I am joined by other American religion historians. Here are essays I have written for The Christian Century:

What Race Riots Accomplish

Race and the Ballot

Obama and Black Politics

Confederate Monuments and American Citizenship

The Christian Campus and Sexual Identity

The Christian Campus in Black and White

Black Atheists and the Black Church

Changing the Face of American Jesus

Jesus Arrives at a New England Prep School