March 19 — Yep

…and it is cold here in the Boston area. Welcome to my 2017 spring break.

Photo on 3-19-17 at 3.30 PM #3


Just a New England Sunday

Photo on 2-28-16 at 4.00 PM

Today. The goal was to complete this list; I am doing okay. I never say no to students, thus I found myself being a bit popular in meeting with a few students and taking others off campus. But now I am out back writing a book review with this view in front of me. Abbey is simply my world.
The List:
1. Aim to finish a book review for submission (should have been done since I read the work months ago)
2. Work on conference paper for the African American Intellectual History Society Conference (editing is key here, as well as practicing my delivery)
3. Grade Essays
4. Get ready for GSA faculty workshop tomorrow
4. Have wine and dinner with four amazing people: Mark and Becca Shovan and Jonathan and Alison Colby-Campbell. They always say yes to dinner with us. I am convinced we would be lonely people without them

Denver & Sam

Sam & Denver memorial


On Thanksgiving day — 2014, we watched our Denver move on; he had been struggling with tumors in his mouth, making it difficult for him to eat or drink. He would cry to us, as we did everything we could to address the matter. His medication seemed to improve his condition, but that was short-lived. Recently, Denver’s partner in crime passed away. It was a tough decision putting Sam to sleep — but one that needed to be done. I am not an emotional person, but I just sat there and cried as he went to sleep. The vet was wonderful — as she watched us struggle. Both are buried beside each other on Brooks campus down by the lake. We made this to honor them, and to give us a chance to just talk about how two cats could define us.

A year after Denver, I struggled to control my emotions. Now that Sam is gone, the pain continues. Denver and Sam were with us since 1999. I was still in graduate school at the time. My life — our lives in many ways, revolved around them. Some see pets as nothing but pets. However, for us they defined many moments in our life. I question how our Abbey will do as the days move forward. There is a clear missing piece in the Carsons’ household. We are left with a beautiful dog; I will keep loving on her and making my life about her. This is what pet owners do who make their four-legged kids about more than being a pet.

My Sunday


I just pulled off a monster run today in preparation for another 1/2 marathon next weekend; I hope to continue to build on my runs as I get ready for a few marathons…. We shall see. If you have not met my 9 month old Abbey, here she is; I thought I would take her around the block as a recovery walk after a long hard training run. Ignore the date on the picture. I need to learn how to fix that thing. Speaking of long runs, here is one: I was asked to write an article to be published for an online magazine on the late John Hope Franklin; it is my goal to draft a really great reflection essay on his impact. I will write more about this topic after the article is complete; I need to mark a number of recent essays before a new set arrives, and I have a few outside academic commitments that need some attention. Tonight is the long night. Hey, it is great being a history teacher. Oh, Mrs. Chili, if you are reading this post, I hope you like the green grass here. But I know you still love me, even if I ran in  75 degree temps today. See you for sure in June if you and the hubby are in town.