Black Lives Matter — Here at Brooks

I am excited about chapel today. My friend and our school minister is sharing a thought — as well as our Black Student Union leaders, who have organized a talk on why Black Lives Matter. Listening to them rehearse was inspiring. Our black student leaders wrote:” [a]s Ralph Ellison noted in his Invisible Man, we have seen our invisibility — which is why we are seeking to be seen and heard.” We are a diverse community seeking to enhance the voice of those who are often marginalized.


Above: My show of solidarity


A LGBTQ Conversation


Brooks GSA gathered the other night to discuss recent religious liberty bill actions and LGBTQ matters in states like North Carolina. Rebecca Binder and I focused on Constitional matters related to past issues of race and current matters of identity and the power struggle between states, individuals, and the federal government. We had a great showing of students. Binder was the real star. Her legal training and interest in LGBTQ rights made for an interesting night. It is safe to say we learned a great deal. I was pushing students out of my house at 9:00.

Presentation to Students and Parents

Screen Shot 2016-04-02 at 11.18.36 AM

Brooks mailed acceptance and rejection letters to students. Those accepted also applied to other schools. Thus, we are hosting a second revisit day for accepted students as part of the admission office program in attracting them to enroll. I will give a presentation to students and parents as part of the day’s program. I just finished my presentation and it is pretty darn good.

GSA “Safe Zones”


Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 9.38.55 AM

Janette and I put together a “Safe Zone” workshop for Brooks School faculty and staff last year. Working with her has been a joy. We are thrilled to be in a community that supports GSA. Often, we sit around aiming to teach leadership skills to our GSA leaders in a way that allows them to lead our community. We are conducting this workshops tomorrow; it addresses LGBTQ student experiences, the importance of inclusive language, how to be a supportive ally, as well as how to respond when a student comes out. The workshop seeks to ensure that community members who display the new “Safe Zone” decal are prepared to assist a student who has made the decision to share their sexual or gender identity. Check out the decal above.