From the English Dept. Handle

English dept. chair came to chat it up with an out going brotha. I once flirted with the idea of teaching a Black Lit course in his dept.

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Brooks Students of Color


While I am excited about my new job, what Brooks Black Student Union did in wishing me off was just great. Our annual cookout today was emotional. Brooks students of color have been very good to me and to each other, and I have enjoyed them during my 5 year tenure at Brooks. It is important that people of color support each other. Thank you BSU, Alianza Latina, and Shaunielle for a great day.



Unity Day 2017


It is one of my favorite days here on campus. As a member of the Diversity Leadership Council, I have enjoyed working with colleagues and students as we focus on our admission in advancing the notion of community inclusiveness. Both students and faculty members participated in delivering workshops.


Above I am discussing the importance of being an ally, and how the various dynamics of power often works against good people who elect to be bystanders.

We had Alex Myers as our keynote speaker. He is amazing. Alex noted this about himself on his webpage: Alex was raised as a girl (Alice) and left Maine to attend boarding school at Phillips Exeter Academy.  At Exeter, Alex came out as transgender, returning his senior year as a man after attending for three years as a woman, and was the first transgender student in that Academy’s history.  After Exeter, Alex earned his bachelor’s at Harvard University, studying Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, and living in the Dudley Co-op.  Alex was also the first openly transgender student at Harvard and worked to change the University’s nondiscrimination clause to include gender identity.

Read more here about Unity Day 2017.

Black Lives Matter — Here at Brooks

I am excited about chapel today. My friend and our school minister is sharing a thought — as well as our Black Student Union leaders, who have organized a talk on why Black Lives Matter. Listening to them rehearse was inspiring. Our black student leaders wrote:” [a]s Ralph Ellison noted in his Invisible Man, we have seen our invisibility — which is why we are seeking to be seen and heard.” We are a diverse community seeking to enhance the voice of those who are often marginalized.


Above: My show of solidarity

A LGBTQ Conversation


Brooks GSA gathered the other night to discuss recent religious liberty bill actions and LGBTQ matters in states like North Carolina. Rebecca Binder and I focused on Constitional matters related to past issues of race and current matters of identity and the power struggle between states, individuals, and the federal government. We had a great showing of students. Binder was the real star. Her legal training and interest in LGBTQ rights made for an interesting night. It is safe to say we learned a great deal. I was pushing students out of my house at 9:00.

Presentation to Students and Parents

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Brooks mailed acceptance and rejection letters to students. Those accepted also applied to other schools. Thus, we are hosting a second revisit day for accepted students as part of the admission office program in attracting them to enroll. I will give a presentation to students and parents as part of the day’s program. I just finished my presentation and it is pretty darn good.