I Love My Values

Trump and others can hate, but my friends and I will keep fighting for the rights of all people to be treated with dignity, love, and respect. I am fortunate to be on a campus and with colleagues who share my values.16864446_10155134877479885_7456957038713563348_n


Gender and Churches of Christ

I was recently engaged in a great discussion via Facebook on this matter a few days ago. I listened to an interview/talk in which a Harding University friend, who is also a beautiful academic and mom, discussed why she left the church of Christ. She pointed to how relationships and therapy embolden her. She did not leave Christ, but the denomination. I arrived at her talk after following a discussion by a group of ladies who came to three conclusions about the CoC, and its schools regarding identity matters women in the CoC face. Keep in mind that I am just the messenger. 1) Young ladies insecurities are reinforced due to constructs shaped by men, not God. 2) Young ladies who do manage to grow in their self-esteem have done so via struggles and support. 3) Many young ladies accept they have a role, and moving beyond that role has little benefit. Their private sex lives with their husbands are weakened. Their sense of autonomy and respect by their kids are weakened. And, their drive and ambitions are unattained.