Not A Fan of Hate




America’s Race Problem

During the Boston Red Sox game at Fenway Park here in Boston last night. This is true — even if you are color blind. Party for Socialism and Liberation page stated, “Today, the United States is an example of this kind of “prison house of nations. Since its origins, racism has been a characteristic of U.S. society. This racism has often disguised the fact that the Black population within the United States has emerged with all the main features of a nation within the borders of the United States. Racism against African Americans is a manifestation of national oppression.”

Confederate Symbols

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Please stop teaching how the “farmers” were god-fearing men who believed all men were created equal. I am not a history buff; I am not a walking fact machine. I am a historian who is critical of the past and suspicious of the present, but teaches hope for the future. There is no glamour or story telling in my classes. There is, however, an incisive surgical procedure of deep-rooted and intentional teaching. White supremacy is on trial in my classes. There is an implementation of skills taught to condemn the past, while drawing from it the uncommitted sins that once shed a piece of life on the wrong. I will let the history buffs tell the stories. We discuss why those statues should be placed in a museum to be judged once one has had the proper information. If you have been taught to praise a flag and statue due to a disingenuous notion of “history,” you might check the white supremacist education you received.

Black Politics

In an essay I wrote published by the Christian Century Magazine, I noted: Some black Americans have been waiting for a black messiah—the savior of their race…. Eight years later, many are still asking: is Obama the end of black politics? A friend shared an insightful article here that states “….I’ve labeled this phenomenon: Post-Civil Rights Era Progressive Activist Privilege. It is the false belief, in electoral politics, that black Americans have the luxury of choosing individual beliefs over what’s best for the group as a whole. My argument to black progressive activists has been simple: we are not in a position as a black community to vote our individual preferences over our group interests. We are definitely not in a position to not vote and then claim to care about our people. If you claim to be about improving black lives over anything else, you can’t possibly argue Trump’s election helps the cause.”