The North End with a Friend/Student

During my last year at Houston Christian, I can honestly say I taught one of my favorite classes of all time. My AP US History (2014), AP Gov/AP Macro Eco, and particularly my AP European History classes were amazing. I loved that they elected me to be their commencement speaker at graduation. I most enjoyed their work ethic and spirit. They did not complain when I inundated them with a great deal of reading and writing assignments. They just did it. They studied their butts off; and when that were done, they knew how to chill and have a great time with me.



Above here is Kelsey DeBerry, one of my brilliant students who is now majoring in International Relations and Chinese at Boston University. We caught up with her in the North End of Boston for pizza at the legendary Regina’s. In the name of fun, we threw in a Houston Christian shirt, her alma mater and my former employer.